Following on from the Head Coach Meetings last weekend the presentation slides, manuals, drills and warmups have been uploaded to the Downloads section under Head Coach Meeting Presentations and further drill down for the manuals under M2 and NSST.

Following the meeting of clubs interested in the new under-20 league in the UK, a structure has been proposed for the new format. The EIHA will run the new under-20s league in England, with full details and clubs to follow shortly. SIH-UK will continue with their current under-20s league, which has been running for the […]

Seminar for all Club Head Coaches / Coaching Coordinators On Saturday the 27th of June there will be a seminar for all club Head Coaches/Coaching Coordinators at Dundee Ice Arena. Every club should have a person in this position and they are required to attend to discuss coaching at club and national level in Scotland […]