Dundee U12s Pre-season Invite

We have received and accepted a Pre-Season Tournament Invite from our friends down in Nottingham.

We invited them to enter a team into our spring classic tournament earlier this year which they did and took the winning cups home in all the 3 age groups.

They have now kindly asked us to enter a team into there Under 12’s Pre-Season Tournament which is to take place on Sunday 17th August 2014.

This is the first time we have entered any of our teams into a Pre-Season Tournament so we can only give it our best shot with our new season players who haven’t trained or played together yet.

We struggled to make our full team up as a few of our players are on holiday so we have asked some neighbouring scottish club players to guest for us.

Coach Rab Brown who has coached our senior SNL team The Comets has offered to take our team bench along with myself Ged Page assisting him.

Hopefully we can try and bring some of there silverware back to scotland.

Ged Page
Active Coach
Dundee U12s