Are you interested in representing Great Britain (men) at the World University Games?


Team Great Britain Universities Ice Hockey (GBU), is administered by the British Universities Ice Hockey Association (BUIHA) and is endorsed by Ice Hockey UK.

GBU (Men), was created in 2005, specifically to enter and participate in the FISU World University Games. The WUG, also known as the Winter Universiade, or World Student Games, is second only to the Winter Olympic Games and sees thousands of athletes from more than 50 countries worldwide competing in various winter sports disciplines.

BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport) are the organisation which administers the GBR delegation, including entries, medical professionals and admin support, etc. Each athlete successfully selected to represent GBU will receive fully branded Team GBR clothing. Additional information for both BUCS and the WUG can be found here.

GBU(M) have participated in three previous WUG (Torino – 2007, Harbin – 2009 and Trentino – 2013). GBU(M) is part of the IHUK Performance Pathway with many former players going on to represent EIHL and even the GBR Senior National Team. GBU(M) has a team of experienced national team coaches (Matt Bradbury – Head Coach, Mike Urquhart – Asst Coach) and support staff (Andrew Marshall – Fitness Coach).

In order to compete against some of the world’s leading ice hockey nations (including: Russia, Canada, Sweden, Czech Republic, etc), we are seeking to recruit the best possible team of players with the potential to play at e.g. EPIHIL (Premier) / EIHL (Elite), in the UK.

Notably, there is no requirement for GBU(M) players to represent your academic institution (i.e. BUIHA Clubs), although this might help individuals to secure potential funding, in the form of Scholarships or Bursaries, as there will be some requirement for players to contribute financially.

Player eligibility for previous WUG can be found here.

We are keen to secure the commitment of as many top-end players as possible from the outset, thus enabling us to build the best team possible, and allowing our team of coaches to work with individuals throughout the program. In addition, it is important to allow sufficient time and forewarning to individual’s Clubs and academic institutions, particularly for considerations appertaining to player contracts (if applicable) and student examinations, etc.

GBU(M) will be holding trials at Ice Sheffield on Friday 29th January 2016, where there will be a short presentation to players (and parents / guardians), prior to on and off-ice sessions. Trials are by invitation only, so players interested in attending are asked to email the Team Manager, by Friday 22nd January 2016, with a brief player biography (e.g. age, player position, academic institution, previous experience and current level, etc).

Kind regards,

Simon Hopkins

Manager – Team GBU (Men)

Vice Chair – British Universities Ice Hockey Association