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SIH Seeking Coaching Talent for National Programme

The Scottish Ice Hockey (SIH) National Programme is gearing up for an exciting new season, set to commence in late September. As we prepare for the upcoming challenges, we are on the lookout for seasoned coaches to bolster our team. If you have a passion for ice hockey and possess the requisite skills, we want to hear from you!

For those interested in on-ice coaching roles, it’s imperative to have a current Level 2 qualification at the very least. Our doors are open to potential candidates who can bring their expertise and dedication to the table.

Here’s what we’re specifically searching for:

  • Strength and Conditioning Coaches: To ensure our players are physically primed for the demands of the game.
  • On Ice Level 2 Coaches: To provide tactical and technical guidance during training sessions and matches.
  • Net Minding Specific Coaches: Specialised trainers who can hone the skills of our goalkeepers, making them the last line of defense our opponents dread.

If you fit the bill for any of the above roles and are eager to work with players ranging from 8 to 18 years old, don’t hesitate! Send in your application in the prescribed format by August 25th, 2023. Join us in shaping the future of Scottish Ice Hockey!

Information Required

  • Name 
  • Home Club
  • Email Address 
  • Mobile Number 
  • Years Coaching and level – Please highlight successes during your coaching career
  • Relevant Playing experience for consideration. 
  • Name and contact details of 2 references – Hockey Related

Vital Hub for Scottish Ice Hockey and the Community at Risk of Closure

Scottish Ice Hockey is deeply disappointed to learn of the planned closure of Ayr Ice Rink. Ice Hockey in Scotland and across the UK is on a positive track with a strong post COVID recovery for the sport and significant success at an international level over recent months.

Ice Hockey in Scotland is already challenged with the competing need for ice time and facilities and we cannot afford to lose another facility. Ayr Ice Rink supports over 100 Ice Hockey players across Junior and Recreational clubs as well as providing a home for ice skating clubs and therefore playing a vital role and access to not only ice sports but improved health and wellbeing opportunities in the local community.

SIH would like to work with the current owners and any other groups and agencies to prevent the closure of the facility.

SIH National Programme is recruiting. 

The 22/23 season saw us recruit many new faces into our national programme for the first time in years. This is something we want to continue with as we grow the programme. 

As well as L2/L3 hockey coaches we are really interested in adding more NM and Strength and conditioning coaches. 


Anyone interested please email your contact details, current coaching level and a brief of your experience to