Details for the SIH Sunday fitness sessions have been confirmed

The latest SIH fitness sessions for all ages will be held on Zoom on Sunday, 28th February.

These will once again be hosted by Robert Henderson of Lanarkshire Lightning and be split into two groups.

The 11.00-11.45 am session will be specifically for players aged 14+, while players aged 13 and under should attend the second session from 12.00 – 12.45 pm.

Participants should be prepared and on time to avoid missing a warm-up, wear suitable workout clothing and have a bottle of water to hand.

Make sure that you are in a large open space at home or in the garage or garden.

All participants must have their cameras on during the session due to child protection and safeguarding rules.

Anyone that does not activate the camera function will immediately be removed from the class.

Please click the hyperlinks below to attend the sessions.

Age 14+ – (Meeting ID: 893 0143 6576, Passcode: 679280).
Age 13 & under – (Meeting ID: 810 6146 8723, Passcode: 087839).

(Image permission: Derek Black)