Excitement builds for U20 World Championship

There’s less than a month to go now until the Under-20 World Championship (Division 1B) takes place in Dumfries.

GB will host the prestigious six-team tournament from 9th to 15th December 2013, as they take on France, Italy, Japan, Kazakstan and Ukraine.

The tournament coincides with the UK’s 100-year celebration of ice hockey and a number of special events will be taking place throughout the week, including a gala dinner and the arrival of the world-famous Stanley Cup.

Ice Hockey UK general secretary, Andy French, said: “It is a fantastic time to be part of British ice hockey.

“The off-ice stuff will be fantastic but there’s also a very important tournament taking place next month.

“IHUK have assembled an excellent coaching team and they are very much prepared for this tournament.

“They have put a lot of hard work into their preparation, including numerous training camps to identify the best players for the tournament.

“Spirit is high within the camp. They met last week for a warm-up game and it is clear to see that this group is very focused.

“As with any World Championship tournament, you come up against tough teams but this squad are prepared, led by coach Pete Russell and his staff.”