IHUK Announce Review Findings


Ice Hockey UK (IHUK) are pleased to announce some of the findings by Wharton Consulting following their structure and governance review on UK ice hockey earlier this year.

IHUK brought together all of the other national ice hockey governing bodies; English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA), Scottish Ice Hockey-UK (SIH-UK), Ice Hockey and the UK Elite League (EIHL) for the review.

It was necessary as funders and key stakeholders, including organisations such as the International Ice Hockey Federation, British Olympic Association, UK Sport, Sport England, Sport Scotland, Sport Wales, Sport Northern Ireland and UK Anti-Doping, state that good governance and clarity around structure are vital if an organisation wants to be supported or funded.

Supporters were able to submit their thoughts online, while the consultation exercise also featured over 30 individual interviews with representatives of the IIHF, each home-nation association, the grassroots of the sport (leagues, clubs, universities, etc) and the Elite League.

It also looked at other sports with comparable structures to see how their governance is structured. Provisional recommendations were made for the IHUK board to consider and these will be determined at a further meeting towards the end of October.

Some of the key points to emerge from the 1,953 responses were:

– 36% of the replies were from current or former players.

– 64% of the responses have been interested and/or involved in the sport for more than 10 years.

– When asked if there was a clear understanding of what each organisation involved in IHUK is responsible for, 51% said no, not very/not at all and 17% said neither clear not unclear.

– When asked if there is a need for change, 87% said yes to make things clearer, with 86% saying it would make things more effective.

– When asked how in important is change, 64% said very important and 26% said quite important.

– When asked what outline structure would best serve the future interests of ice hockey within the UK, 60% said a single GB/UK organisation with responsibility for all activity and policy areas.

Next month’s board meeting will then see proposals put in place for moving forward. These include:

– Draft Terms of Reference for a board of directors, together with role descriptions for both independent and representative directors and an independent chair. These will include some basic policies and protocols for the board to observe, such as a Declaration of Interests.

– A route map through to the recruitment of independent non-executive directors – incorporating a process and timeline, a draft job advert and recommendations as to where that advert might be best placed to secure maximum returns.

Ice Hockey UK chairman, Jim Anderson, said: “Once the process has been completed and we have an agreed way forward for the governance and structure for ice hockey in this country, which the funders and key stakeholders find acceptable, we will have created a legacy for the sport for many years to come.”