Playoff 1/4 finals 1 leg roundup.

Picture by Gordon Fowley

This weekend marked the commencement of the 1/4 finals of the Playoffs, setting the stage for an intense battle among teams striving for a coveted spot in the Playoff weekend. Here’s a recap of the action-packed matches:

Aberdeen Lynx vs. North Ayrshire Wild: The Aberdeen Lynx clashed with the youthful North Ayrshire Wild in a thrilling encounter. Despite an early lead by Wild’s Jacob Woods, Aberdeen Lynx showcased resilience, dominating the second period with relentless pressure on Wild’s net. Although Wild’s goalkeeper, Liam Griffin, put up a strong defense, Lynx managed to secure a 6-4 victory, with Kyle Ferguson sealing the deal with a last-minute goal.

Dundee Tigers vs. Edinburgh Capitals: Dundee Tigers faced off against Edinburgh Capitals in an electrifying matchup at Murrayfield. Capitals quickly asserted dominance with an early goal, maintaining momentum throughout the game. Despite Tigers‘ efforts, Capitals emerged victorious with a commanding 9-3 win, showcasing their prowess on the ice.

Kilmarnock Thunder vs. Kirkcaldy Kestrels: Kilmarnock Thunder delivered a stellar performance against Kirkcaldy Kestrels, storming to a 10-4 victory. Innes Gallacher led Thunder’s charge with a remarkable four-goal performance, supported by Conner McNulty and Torran Anderson, securing a decisive win for Thunder.

Dundee Comets vs. Paisley Pirates: Dundee Comets and Paisley Pirates battled it out in a closely contested match. With goals exchanged throughout the game, both teams displayed determination and skill on the ice. However, Pirates 2 goals in the last period saw them clinch a 4-2 victory over Comets, with Chris Wilson delivering a shorthanded goal in the last few minutes.

Looking ahead, the stakes will be even higher as teams gear up for the second leg of the 1/4 finals next weekend, intensifying the competition for coveted semi-finals places. Stay tuned for more thrilling matchups and be sure to check out the Playoff Page for game schedules and statistics.