Scotland announces squad for U11 Conference Series at Dumfries

Scotland has named its squad for next Saturday’s first event in the U11 Conference Series at the Dumfries Ice Bowl.

As part of the JLMC Stage 1+ Development programme, the U11 series has been designed by EIHA and SIHA to focus on long term athlete development and will allow younger talented athletes to work together over the course of the season rather than just meeting once a year in May.

The U11 Conference Series will be played in a round robin format to provide a highly competitive environment. Teams will play each other once with the usual two points for win, one for a draw, to establish league position.

Games will be in the same format used at Conference Weekend, with three periods of 15 minutes – two periods running clock and the third stop-clock. The schedule will see all teams playing four games.

During these games the Conference coaching staff will be ranking players against a set criteria and this data will become a valuable resource as it will be used in the preparation of the selection for the next element of the process, which is the Power of 10 Development Days (PO10).

The schedule for the Conference Series is as follows:

Game 1 – Scotland v South East (6.45am)
Game 2 – North v Midlands (7.50am)
Game 3 – South West v South East (9.05am)
Game 4 – Scotland v Midlands (10.10am)
Game 5 – North v South West (11.25am)
Game 6 – Midlands v South East (12.30pm)
Game 7 – Scotland v South West (1.45pm)
Game 8 – North v South East (2.50pm)
Game 9 – Midlands v South West (4.05pm)
Game 10 – Scotland v North (5.10pm)

Further U11 Conference Series events will be held in January and March 2018, with the full Conference Tournament in May as usual. The U11 series will be assessed in May 2018 with a view to a possible roll out at U13 and U15 level for the following season.

The Scotland squad is as follows:


Cameron Kenny – Kirkcaldy
Logan Reid – Kilmarnock
Zak Blakey – Lanarkshire


Ethan Hadden – Kirkcaldy
Cole Giannandrea – Kirkcaldy
Cody Adams – Murrayfield
Ewan Duignan – Solway
Robert Henderson – Lanarkshire
Charlie Coulson – Dundee
Owen Rae – Solway
Michael Duffy – Lanarkshire


Joe Somerville – Kirkcaldy
John Haig – Kirkcaldy
Liam Houston – North Ayr
Flynn Massie – North Ayr
Matthew Dobie – Kirkcaldy
Ethan Hardie – Dundee
Jarred Dolan – Dundee
Jayden Baxter – Dundee
Robbie Thomson – Lanarkshire
Jude Beattie – Belfast
Ruby Newlands – Kilmarnock
Bailey Yates – Lanarkshire
Marco Guerriot – Murrayfield
Bailey Thomson – Solway

Management team

Head Coach: Dave Edmonds
Asst Coach: Brian Malcolm
Asst Coach: Paul Shevlin
Manager: William Somerville

(Image permission: Mark Paterson)