Scotland Girls Development squad hit the ice against Lanarkshire

The Scotland Girls Development squad played in their first ever training match over the weekend.

The girls faced a development side from Lanarkshire Lightning Junior Ice Hockey Club and displayed some great teamwork as they continued to hone their skills.

Head coach Jamie Turnbull says he is delighted with the progress the girls have made, despite only being together for a short time.

“We are fortunate to have a good mix of characters within the team and this is really helping to create an enjoyable environment that they are happy to be part of,” he said.

“The girls have started to gel together, the general atmosphere in the team is positive and energy levels are looking high.

“They have already proven in their first game they are committed to working hard for each other and have displayed a competitive streak.

“Above all I can see that they are having fun and this with their other team attributes will drive the group onwards and upwards.”

For further details about the programme – which is open to any SIH registered girls – please email James Paterson.

(Image permission: Linsey Turnbull)