Scotland set to take part in rescheduled U11 Conference Series event

Scotland will take part in the rescheduled U11 Conference Series at iceSheffield on Friday, 30th March.

Heavy snow and bad weather forced the postponement of the original event earlier in March.

The Midlands Conference are away so cannot attend, but the four remaining Conference sides will play a round-robin then semi-finals, a third place game and a final to complete the ten-game schedule. Each Conference will play five games throughout the day.

JLMC Chair Jacqueline Pye said: “I’m grateful to Conference chairs for helping to reorganise this important event in our development series.

“It’s unfortunate that Midlands are away, but there were limited dates to fit in a rearranged tournament and all Conferences agreed to go ahead on Good Friday.”

Admission is free for all spectators at iceSheffield and it is hoped that family and friends will make it another enjoyable day for the players in the U11 teams.


Charlie Coulson (Dundee), Robbie Thomson (Lanarkshire), Ewan Duignan (Solway), Joe Somerville (Kirkcaldy), Jayden Baxter (Dundee), Bailey Yates (Lanarkshire), Michael Duffy (Lanarkshire), Jude Beattie (Belfast), Liam Houston (North Ayr), Bailey Thomson (Solway), Robert Henderson (Lanarkshire), Ethan Hardie (Dundee), Flynn Massie (North Ayr), Matthew Dobie (Kirkcaldy), John Haig (Kirkcaldy), Ruby Newlands (Kilmarnock), Marco Guerriot (Murrayfield), Owen Rae (Solway), Cole Giannandrea (Kirkcaldy), Ethan Hadden (Kirkcaldy), Cody Adams (Murrayfield), Logan Reid (Kilmarnock), Cameron Kenny (Kirkcaldy).

Please click here to view the full schedule.