Scottish Ice Hockey Weekend: SNL Thrills and Cup Semis Await

Picture by Craig Guthrie

Gear up for an exciting weekend in Scottish ice hockey, featuring a lineup of thrilling SNL league games and intense Scottish Cup semi-finals. Let’s take a closer look at the matchups.

SNL League Game

In a pivotal matchup, the Kilmarnock Thunder are set to face the Dundee Tigers. Despite holding a narrow 2-point lead over the Tigers, the Thunder, who have 7 games in hand, are eager to leverage this rescheduled encounter. With the opportunity to earn double points, a triumph for the Thunder could significantly boost their position in the standings. Having clinched victories in their past 5 games, with a notable win over the Tigers in December, there’s always the chance Thunder might become overly confident. The Tigers, on the other hand, will be prepared to capitalise on any vulnerabilities that may arise.

Scottish National League (SNL)


Scottish Cup Semi-Finals:

Turning our attention to the Scottish Cup semi-finals, the first matchup features the Aberdeen Lynx against the Dundee Comets. This game holds special significance as these two teams were in the final last year, where the Comets clinched the Scottish Cup Title. Despite Lynx securing victories in both SNL encounters this season, the Comets will be determined to retain the cup. The Lynx Ice Arena is expected to be charged with anticipation as both teams battle fiercely for a chance at redemption.

We have the clash between the Edinburgh Capitals and the Kirkcaldy Kestrels on Saturday. The Capitals, comfortably perched at the top of the SNL table, are set to face the Kestrels, who are chasing them from the 3rd position. With a noteworthy 5-game winning streak, the Capitals have emerged victorious in their previous three SNL encounters this season. However, it’s worth noting that the Kestrels secured the win in October during the Northern League game, defeating the Capitals 5-3. But this is is the first leg of the the Scottish Cup semi-final so both teams will be keen to set the tone for their double header weekend.

The 2nd leg between, Kirkcaldy Kestrels and the Edinburgh Capitals will take place on Sunday, this time at the Fife Ice Arena. Playing their second game of the weekend, the question looms: Can they put aside the outcome from the night before? With high stakes, both teams will need to dig deep if they want to advance to the cup final.