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Player Safety Review and Action plan

Letter to all member clubs across Scottish Ice hockey.

REF: Player Safety Review and Action Plan in response to the tragic passing of Nottingham Panthers player #47 Adam Johnson, after an on ice incident. 

Dear Members, 

It is without question an extremely sad moment in time for our sport across the world and a stark reminder of our, and your duties as custodians of the sport. Like all sports, “it is only sport”, and the safety of our players must be our first priority. We have an absolute duty to do everything within our power to prevent a tragic accident like this from ever happening in our sport again. 

With this in mind, and the need for short, medium and long term action, Scottish Ice Hockey have made the decision to carry out the following steps: 

1. SHORT TERM (Immediate): Scottish Ice Hockey make a “strong recommendation” that all players at all levels across Scottish Ice Hockey use an approved Ice Hockey Neck Guard/Protector whilst participating in all on ice activities. (This “strong recommendation” is in place until 31 December 2023, after which it will become a mandatory requirement. It is not mandatory with immediate effect due to anticipated supply issues. This will be under constant review between now and mandatory implementation.) All protective equipment must be worn without alterations and as directed by the manufacturers’ specification. 

2. MEDIUM TERM (Within 12 Months): Scottish Ice Hockey, in consultation with relevant stakeholders, will conduct a Player Safety Equipment thorough review considering all aspects of player safety equipment including, but not limited to, the use of helmets, mouthguards/gumshields and facial protection, and the application of IIHF rules. 

3. LONG TERM (Ongoing): Scottish Ice Hockey will provide its membership with clear guidance on the ongoing and continuous improvement of Player Safety and their duties within this area. This will include the requirement for all clubs to be able to demonstrate that they proactively manage Player Safety within their organisations. 

It is unacceptable that any player loses their life playing our sport and it is incumbent upon us to do all we can to prevent a repeat of this tragic accident, but also to prevent other foreseeable incidents in the future. We have a legal and moral duty to respond in a measured and practical way. It is highly possible that other reviews will take place at an international level and Scottish Ice Hockey will participate proactively in this process. 

Yours faithfully 


Breaking Barriers: Jamie Thomson Unveils Innovative Approach to Junior Hockey Age Restrictions

Jamie Thomson – Head Of Hockey Operations

Since conception of the new Scottish Ice Hockey board we have been looking at barriers that we consider are hold the sport back in our country and what we can do to knock as many of them down as possible. 

One of those barriers was basing a players ability to safely compete at a higher (older) age group based on their date of birth. Specifically talented teenager’s not being able to play Senior Ice Hockey until the day of their 16th birthday. This is something we believe has stifled talent over the past few years and that there are far more measurable metrics to use to make sure we support out talent safely and as much as possible while developing them.

We have discussed and tested changing/removing these barriers over several months now and I’m very glad to be able to announce that we have introduced a process that will allow those players ready to get ahead and continue developing

We have put in place strict criteria and assessment processes to ensure the players safety comes first but believe this to be a ground breaking move that will really benefit players whose development would be stalling until a birthday.

Wrapping Up the Riga Ice Hockey Tournament

It was the final day of the exhilarating Riga Ice Hockey tournament, the air was charged with a mixture of anticipation and reflection. The ice has witnessed countless battles between young talents, and on this last day, the Scotland Juniors prepared to give their all in their final matches. Let’s take a closer look at the intense action that unfolded during the concluding day of the tournament and the invaluable experiences the teams take home.

U13s Showcase Determination: The morning began with the U13s taking to the ice against the formidable Riga team. Despite the scoreboard showing a 2-10 loss, the young Scots displayed remarkable grit and effort, proving that they could hold their own against strong competition. The momentum continued as they faced off against Prizma, fighting valiantly and narrowly losing with a score of 3-2. The Scotland U13s may not have secured a draw or a win, but their performance showcased their dedication and spirit, leaving spectators impressed by their tenacity until the very end.

U15s Face Tough Opposition: The U15s had a challenging day on the ice against the formidable Riga team, which secured victories in both games. Despite the scorelines, the U15s demonstrated resilience, determination, and a never-give-up attitude that are the hallmarks of true sportsmanship. These encounters, although difficult, undoubtedly offer the U15s a chance to learn, evolve, and hone their skills as they continue their journey in the world of ice hockey.

A Valuable Tournament Experience: As the Riga Ice Hockey tournament draws to a close, the Scotland Juniors can reflect on the valuable experiences and memories they’ve gained. This tournament was more than just a series of matches; it was an opportunity for these young athletes to challenge themselves, learn from their peers, and gain insights that will shape their growth in the sport. The U13s and U15s showcased heart, dedication, and camaraderie throughout the competition, representing their nation with pride.

Vital Hub for Scottish Ice Hockey and the Community at Risk of Closure

Scottish Ice Hockey is deeply disappointed to learn of the planned closure of Ayr Ice Rink. Ice Hockey in Scotland and across the UK is on a positive track with a strong post COVID recovery for the sport and significant success at an international level over recent months.

Ice Hockey in Scotland is already challenged with the competing need for ice time and facilities and we cannot afford to lose another facility. Ayr Ice Rink supports over 100 Ice Hockey players across Junior and Recreational clubs as well as providing a home for ice skating clubs and therefore playing a vital role and access to not only ice sports but improved health and wellbeing opportunities in the local community.

SIH would like to work with the current owners and any other groups and agencies to prevent the closure of the facility.

U16 Team Competing in the 2023 EMF U16 Tournament in Hamikovo, Slovakia

Good Luck to our U16 team this weekend who have flown to Hamikovo just outside Bratislava in Slovakia to compete in the 2023 EMF u16 Tournament. The competition runs over 3 days where they will play 5 full 3 x 20 min stopped clock games versus England, Hamoikovo (Slovak) and Czech Elite Hockey. 

Jamie Thomson (SIH) said, “This is our fourth visit to the EMF over the years. This year our team are up against some very strong competition which is exactly what we are looking for. We want them pushed and tested at as high a level as possible. Win lose or draw, they come off the ice having played a hard game and giving everything they have. 

Well done and good luck to the following players making the trip. 

Head Coach Owen Reynolds 
Assistant CoachAaron Gregor 
Assistant CoachKyle Horne
Assistant CoachRobert Henderson
SOLWAYTomas Vyrostek
SOLWAY Logan Reid
SOLWAYConnor Lee
SOLWAY Bailey Thomson
SOLWAY Ewan Duignan
NORTH AYR Liam Houston
NORTH AYR Flynn Massie
LANARKSHIRERobbie Henderson
LANARKSHIRERobbie Thompson
KILMARNOCKGregor Donaldson
DUNDEEEthan Hardie
DUNDEEJaydn Baxter
DUNDEEAaron Wood
DUNDEEEvelyn Brown
BELFASTJude Beattie
ABERDEENConnor Nelson
ABERDEENLogan Gordon

Successful Test Event Prompts Scottish Ice Hockey to Expand Competitive Youth Games

On Saturday 20th May Scottish Ice Hockey (SIH) ran a test event in Dumfries that saw Under 10s, Under 12s and Under 20s players from all over Scotland take part. The players were split into teams based on home club location then played each other over the course of the day.

The event was a trial with the hope that the games would be very competitive, and the result proved that theory correct. The day was deemed an overall success and something Scottish Ice Hockey will now look to expend on.

Head of Hockey Operations, Jamie Thomson, said, “East V West is something I’ve been wanting to reintroduce for a few years now and this event gave us a chance to prove it works.

We need our players playing more and they must play at a level that they are always having to battle to compete. It’s vitally important that this is our main focus when it comes to junior hockey moving forward.

These games also give coaches looking at national and international team selection a chance to see players actually play in a like for like situation, some players are fantastic on training and at trials but the best players should come to the top during these games so overall it’s win win for everyone involved.”

An Exciting Rivalry Renewed

Over the weekend, the Dumfries Ice Bowl witnessed an exhilarating 4-game series between the U14 and U16 ice hockey players from Scotland and England.

This event was organised with the collaboration of the England program, and the Head of Hockey Operations, Jamie Thomson, expressed his delight and the potential for future growth. “I’m so pleased we put this together with help of the England programme.

Some of the hockey played was exceptional on both sides and it just backed up my belief that this is something we must now build on and make it at minimum an annual event. The rivalry between Scotland and England is legendary and it really brought out the best in the players, playing for each other and the jersey.

Talks are already underway on expanding these games over more age groups next season and with the buy in from EIHA it will prove to be an even bigger success.

Finally I’d like to thank some people on behalf of Scottish Ice Hockey as without them this weekend we have no event, All the coaches and team officials, our wonderful volunteers that covered every single game over the weekend. Thank you Craigie (Solway Sharks Announcer) Leanne, Cat, Linda, Kerry and Lyndsey and everyone else who dropped in over the weekend to help we really appreciated it and couldn’t have done it without your help.”

Keep your eyes on our website and socials for more announcements as the plans progress.

Scottish Ice Hockey to Host U10, U12, and U20 Trial Event for Enhanced National Programme

Scottish Ice Hockey is pleased to announce a trial event aimed at exploring ways to further enhance their programme.

The event will feature U10, U12, and U20 players from across the country who will be divided into two squads, East and West, to play against each other.

The main objective of the event is to have more players on the ice playing at a competitive level, which will enable coaching staff to evaluate their performance and determine their development needs accurately.

All junior clubs affiliated with SIH have been informed about this event, and players will be notified through their club chairs.

The East v West format is expected to become a regular feature across all age groups as SIH continues to develop its national programme. Therefore, SIH urges all clubs and players requested to attend the trial event to support it and help ensure its success.

Clubs WestClubs East
Solway SharksKirkaldy JIHC
Kilmarnock JIHCDundee Stars Jnrs
North Ayrshire WildMurrayfield JIHC
Ayr BruinsAberdeen Lynx JIHC
Belfast Jnr GiantsInverness Highlanders
Lanarkshire LightningMorey JIHC

Date: May 20th
Start Time: 1:45 pm
Running Schedule:   U12 – East vs West, U10 – East vs West, U12 – East Vs West, U20 – East vs West 

Tickets for the East vs West day will be available online to purchase from Monday 15th May a further post will be released with a link and purchase information. 

If you have any questions regarding these games, then please ask your club chair to contact us at Nationalprog@scottishicehockey.co.uk  or Jamie.Thomson@Scottishicehockey.co.uk 

North meets South in National Development finale.

We are excited to announce the schedule and ticket release for the upcoming Scotland V England Junior Games. 

The games will take place on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of May at Dumfries Ice Bowl and feature players at u14 and U16 age groups. 

SIH Head of Hockey Operations, Jamie Thomson, said, “ I’m delighted that these games are going ahead. I’d like to thank the EIHA and their lead on this project Seth Bennett, for the proactive approach to making it happen.

This is a great event for us to sign off this season with. We relaunch our national programme in September this year and more events like this will become a regular occurrence. This year has proven to be a real test at national level, lack of ice time, lack of tournaments to attend, cost of travel etc. So pulling this together is a big win and I’m sure the kids are going to love it. 

The tournament will consist of Scotland playing England 3 times over the 2 days in full stopped clock games. Any draws will feature 3v3 in overtime and penalty shots, as we look to replicate the senior level as much as possible. The 4th game for each age group will be a very interesting watch, as we merge team Scotland and England together and draft 2 teams that will go head to head on Sunday afternoon to close the event.”

Seth Bennett, EIHA England V Scotland Series lead, commented, “ This is a great opportunity for the players to play in a really competitive England V Scotland Series. It has been fantastic to work with Jamie and SIH to create an event which is going to bring 12 periods of competitive hockey for each age group” 

I know the players are excited about this opportunity to play against Scotland and hopefully we are going to see some really completive hockey over the two days” 

3.30PM SCOTLAND V ENGLAND U14 1PM u16 Draft Game 
6PM SCOTLAND V ENGLAND U16 3.15PM U14 Draft Game 

It’s set to be a fantastic weekend of competitive hockey and not one to be missed. Tickets are available NOW online, we encourage everyone to purchase their tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Scotland U10s take to the ice in end of season Jamboree

National Development U10 Jamboree- Fife Ice Arena 22nd April 08:45am – £5 entry

The Scotland National Development programme are excited to announce the first NDD U10 Jamboree being hosted in Fife Ice Arena.

The Jamboree which is organised by the U10 National coaching team s a fantastic finish to what has been a well-attended session all year.  The U10 programme was initiated at the start of this season to be incorporated into the Scotland National team Pathway. It allows the coaching team to evaluate and assess the talent in our U10 development that can then progress into the Scotland U12 team.

Head of Development for for Scottish Ice Hockey, Martyn King, said, “It has been a real triumph with over 50 U10 kids attending each National development day (NDD) run in Dumfries Ice Bowl. It gives the kids at a young age an insight into the Scotland programme and helps prepare them for transitioning into the full age group teams. The coaches have done a great job introducing this programme and its success is down to all their hard work.”

The format will be as follows:-

• 2 games running simultaneously with a 2/3 and 1/3 format of ice split. 

• On the 2/3 ice we will have the 2023/2024 Scotland Prospects game with 2 teams that will battle it out in a best of 3 series with each game being 2 x 10min periods. There will be 22 players and goalies included in this game.

• On the 1/3 ice we will have the Future Prospects game in a x-ice format with 3 teams playing in a round robin format playing each other twice.  28 players + goalies will be playing in this game.

• This is a great opportunity for all of the players attending this years NDD sessions to showcase their skills in a game format.  All of the kids have been invited through attendance of the NDD days.

Please note the last NDD of the year will take place on Monday  1st May 2023