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Player Safety Review and Action plan

Letter to all member clubs across Scottish Ice hockey.

REF: Player Safety Review and Action Plan in response to the tragic passing of Nottingham Panthers player #47 Adam Johnson, after an on ice incident. 

Dear Members, 

It is without question an extremely sad moment in time for our sport across the world and a stark reminder of our, and your duties as custodians of the sport. Like all sports, “it is only sport”, and the safety of our players must be our first priority. We have an absolute duty to do everything within our power to prevent a tragic accident like this from ever happening in our sport again. 

With this in mind, and the need for short, medium and long term action, Scottish Ice Hockey have made the decision to carry out the following steps: 

1. SHORT TERM (Immediate): Scottish Ice Hockey make a “strong recommendation” that all players at all levels across Scottish Ice Hockey use an approved Ice Hockey Neck Guard/Protector whilst participating in all on ice activities. (This “strong recommendation” is in place until 31 December 2023, after which it will become a mandatory requirement. It is not mandatory with immediate effect due to anticipated supply issues. This will be under constant review between now and mandatory implementation.) All protective equipment must be worn without alterations and as directed by the manufacturers’ specification. 

2. MEDIUM TERM (Within 12 Months): Scottish Ice Hockey, in consultation with relevant stakeholders, will conduct a Player Safety Equipment thorough review considering all aspects of player safety equipment including, but not limited to, the use of helmets, mouthguards/gumshields and facial protection, and the application of IIHF rules. 

3. LONG TERM (Ongoing): Scottish Ice Hockey will provide its membership with clear guidance on the ongoing and continuous improvement of Player Safety and their duties within this area. This will include the requirement for all clubs to be able to demonstrate that they proactively manage Player Safety within their organisations. 

It is unacceptable that any player loses their life playing our sport and it is incumbent upon us to do all we can to prevent a repeat of this tragic accident, but also to prevent other foreseeable incidents in the future. We have a legal and moral duty to respond in a measured and practical way. It is highly possible that other reviews will take place at an international level and Scottish Ice Hockey will participate proactively in this process. 

Yours faithfully 


Aberdeen Lynx and Dundee Comets to face-off in Playoff final.

In the Scottish Ice Hockey Playoffs, the two semifinals at Murrayfield today saw Aberdeen Lynx beat Kilmarnock Thunder 4-3 in a closely fought contest.

Kilmarnock’s Scott Cowan opened the scoring less than two minutes after the puck drop, but the Lynx equalised with a goal from Gary Kelly before going ahead 2-1 with a goal from Tom Johnston. In the second period, Thunder turned up the pressure and scored twice to finish the period 3-2. However, in the third period, the Lynx created more opportunities and netted two goals, with Mark Laing and Ben Edmonds scoring to seal the win with a final score of 4-3.

The second game was between Dundee Comets and Paisley Pirates, with the Comets dominating throughout.

Stephen Eccles opened the scoring for the Comets, with Ben Brown and Sean Beattie adding to the scoreline. Going into the second period, the Comets had a comfortable lead. Even though both sides dug deep, the second period only saw Dundee’s Ben Brown score his second goal of the game. In the last period, Pirates’ net minder put in a great shift defending against the Comets’ advances, but the Paisley side couldn’t find the back of the net, and the Comets won 4-0.

Tomorrow’s final between Aberdeen Lynx and Dundee Comets is too close to call, and both teams will be fighting hard to lift the trophy. It promises to be an exciting match, with the winner taking home the Scottish Ice Hockey Playoff championship.

Puck drop is 6pm and there are still tickets left on the door. Don’t miss out on what is set to be a fantastic game.