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Vital Hub for Scottish Ice Hockey and the Community at Risk of Closure

Scottish Ice Hockey is deeply disappointed to learn of the planned closure of Ayr Ice Rink. Ice Hockey in Scotland and across the UK is on a positive track with a strong post COVID recovery for the sport and significant success at an international level over recent months.

Ice Hockey in Scotland is already challenged with the competing need for ice time and facilities and we cannot afford to lose another facility. Ayr Ice Rink supports over 100 Ice Hockey players across Junior and Recreational clubs as well as providing a home for ice skating clubs and therefore playing a vital role and access to not only ice sports but improved health and wellbeing opportunities in the local community.

SIH would like to work with the current owners and any other groups and agencies to prevent the closure of the facility.

U16 Team Competing in the 2023 EMF U16 Tournament in Hamikovo, Slovakia

Good Luck to our U16 team this weekend who have flown to Hamikovo just outside Bratislava in Slovakia to compete in the 2023 EMF u16 Tournament. The competition runs over 3 days where they will play 5 full 3 x 20 min stopped clock games versus England, Hamoikovo (Slovak) and Czech Elite Hockey. 

Jamie Thomson (SIH) said, “This is our fourth visit to the EMF over the years. This year our team are up against some very strong competition which is exactly what we are looking for. We want them pushed and tested at as high a level as possible. Win lose or draw, they come off the ice having played a hard game and giving everything they have. 

Well done and good luck to the following players making the trip. 

Head Coach Owen Reynolds 
Assistant CoachAaron Gregor 
Assistant CoachKyle Horne
Assistant CoachRobert Henderson
SOLWAYTomas Vyrostek
SOLWAY Logan Reid
SOLWAYConnor Lee
SOLWAY Bailey Thomson
SOLWAY Ewan Duignan
NORTH AYR Liam Houston
NORTH AYR Flynn Massie
LANARKSHIRERobbie Henderson
LANARKSHIRERobbie Thompson
KILMARNOCKGregor Donaldson
DUNDEEEthan Hardie
DUNDEEJaydn Baxter
DUNDEEAaron Wood
DUNDEEEvelyn Brown
BELFASTJude Beattie
ABERDEENConnor Nelson
ABERDEENLogan Gordon

New coach and refresher course dates released

Our coach development approach has faced challenges in recent years. Our goal is to transition to a predominantly online approach, focusing on the fundamentals of sports coaching as the foundation. We aim to align as closely as possible across the UK.

However, we acknowledge that this transition has been more challenging than anticipated. Despite this, our long-term vision remains unchanged. In the immediate term, we recognise the need to refresh our courses and qualifications.

To address this, we are offering a selection of one-day courses in Dumfries during June and July 2023. The courses available are as follows:

  • Level 1 Refresher: 10/06/23 Dumfries
  • Level 2 Refresher: 11/06/23 Dumfries
  • Level 1 Coach: 24/06/23 Dumfries
  • Level 2 Coach: 24/06/23 Dumfries
  • Level 1 Refresher: 15/07/23 Dumfries
  • Level 2 Refresher: 16/07/23 Dumfries
  • Level 1 Coach: 29/07/23 Dumfries
  • Level 2 Coach: 30/07/23 Dumfries

These courses will be conducted by our Lead Instructors:

  • Martin Grubb: Current L3, GB U20 Head Coach, Solway NIHL National League Coach
  • Dayle Keen: Current L2 with 15+ years of experience, Coventry Blaze EIHL Coach, GB U20 Assistant Coach

We understand that Dumfries may not be convenient for everyone. To accommodate this, we have designed a new course with a reduced timetable and more specific content.

Participants who started the L1 online course with Martyn King should complete and submit any relevant assignments by 8/6/23. After this date, the submissions will no longer be valid, and attendance at one of the newly planned courses will be required in full.

Registrations should be made by clubs on behalf of Coaches.

WEEKEND REVIEW: Capitals delight fans with last second goal.

SNL fans were treated to some edge of your seat hockey on Saturday with three thrilling games.

The battle for the top of the league intensifies as the Edinburgh Capitals are only one point behind Aberdeen Lynx who are still hanging onto the top spot.

Saturday saw the Capitals clinch a 7-6 win against Kilmarnock Thunder on home ice at Murrayfield in what can only be described as a rollercoaster of a game.

First to find the back of the net just three minutes in was Capitals Captain Joel Gautschi, with his first of four goals of the evening. Thunder weren’t far behind and Ewan Anderson scored 42 seconds later.

This was just the boost the Kilmarnock side needed. With more goals from Ewan Anderson and Innes Gallagher, Thunder were on fire and finished the period 5-1 up.

The Caps regrouped and came out fighting scoring their 2nd goal of the evening just three minutes in. Joel Gautschi then added in three more for the Edinburgh side and by the end the 2nd had closed the gap to 5-4.

It was all to play for in the final period and Stephen Lynch’s team were on a roll. Chad Smith levelled the scoreline to 5-5, but just three minutes later Ewan Anderson scored and Thunder were in the lead again, but not for long. Just 30 seconds later the Capitals scored and it was all level again with only 4 minutes left on the clock.

Talk about leaving things to the last minute or in this case last second! It was showing 59.59 on the clock when Sean Cochrane clinched the 7-6 win for the Caps as the Murrayfield crowd went wild.

Picture by RS Photography

In Aberdeen the fans were out in force too for the Lynx’s first SNL Pride game against the Kirkcaldy Kestrels.
Both times these teams had met this season the Lynx bagged the win, albeit the first time in overtime.

Aberdeen took to the ice in their charity Pride shirts in front of the the sell out crowd, and it wasn’t long until Jack Flynn opened the scoring for the Aberdeen side. Player/coach Jordan Leyden took the Lynx 2-0 up until Connor Duncan scored for the visitors with a penalty finishing the 1st period 2-1 to the Lynx.

The only goal scored in the 2nd was from Aberdeen’s Ben Edmonds, which extended their lead finishing 3-1up.

Four minutes into the 3rd period the Kestrels scored, but the Lynx fought hard and with a goal just two minutes later by Tom Johnston the Lynx regained their lead.

The Kestrels dug deep to turn things around, scoring two goals just a minute apart whilst on power plays, levelling 4-4.

Gary Kelly was quick to find the back of the net for the Lynx, but moments later Kestrels George Pitcaithly scored ending the period 5-5.

Going into overtime both teams were looking to clinch the win, but it was Kestrels Connor Duncan that completed the job for the visitors, adding 2 points to their league, score but still maintain their 6th position.

Picture by Richard Wiseman

Saturday also saw the battle intensify between the two Dundee teams as they went head to head in a rescheduled derby game.

With the Comets only 2 points behind the Tigers in the league, both teams were keen to boost their standings with a home win.

First to hit the score sheet was Grant Reekie for the Tigers on a power play, but the Comets soon levelled it before Paul Guilcher from the Tigers scored again just seconds later.

The 2nd saw Ross MacIntosh scoring the first of his two goals of the evening, but it was goal about until the period ended 4-3 to the Tigers.

It was all to play for in the final period and John Dolan for the Comets levelled the score to 4-4. The Comets then took the lead for the first time in the game with a goal by Billy Baxter.

Only 12 seconds later the Tigers scored but with less than 3 minutes left on the clock there wasn’t enough time for either team to find the back of the net.

With 5 minutes of overtime on the clock, it was the Tigers that completed the job with a goal from Robbie Hall.

The Tigers are currently sitting 3rd in the league on 28 points, three points ahead of the Comets. Paisley Pirates moved down a place to 5th this weekend as their game against North Ayrshire Wild, which was scheduled to be played on Sunday, was cancelled due to technical issues at the rink.

All eyes will be on the scores next weekend to see if there will be a shake up at the top.




Aberdeen Lynx 5 Kirkcaldy Kestrels 6

Edinburgh Capitals 7 Kilmarnock Thunder 6

Dundee Tigers 5 Dundee Comets 5

WEEKEND REVIEW: Edinburgh Capitals hot on the heels of the Aberdeen Lynx

The race for the top of the SNL League has never been tighter with only 4 points between the top 5 teams as we get into the business end of the season.

Aberdeen Lynx took home an on the road 10-5 win against Kilmarnock Thunder holding onto the top spot with 28 points.

The Lynx were the first to hit the score sheet with a goal 27 seconds in. The Aberdeen side were looking to return to their winning form after their loss against the Tigers the previous weekend on home ice.

Although Jordan Leyden’s squad were ahead throughout, Kilmarnock didn’t make it easy and kept the pressure on with their first two goals scored by Innes Gallagher.

As the game progressed the Lynx widened the goal difference with Jonathan Hogan finishing the game bagging his third goal of the evening.

Hot on the heels of the Lynx are the Edinburgh Capitals. Moving up from 4th to 2nd in the league , the Caps sit neck and neck on 26 points with the Dundee Tigers even after their 2-3 win against the Dundee side on Saturday.

Capitals Ross Borwick opened the scoring in the 1st assisted by Archie Holmes and Sean Cochrane. By the start of the 2nd the Edinburgh squad were leading 0-2, but the Tigers fought back and levelled the score with goals from Robbie Hill and Robbie Barnett in quick succession.

It was all to play for in the 3rd and with double points up for grabs the stakes were high. 4 mins before the final buzzer the Caps went ahead with a goal by Chad Smith.

With such a close game the Tigers pulled their net minder at 48 second whilst on a power play, but even with 6 on 4 it wasn’t enough to clinch the win.

Picture by Derek Young Photography

Paisley Pirates dropped two places in the table even after their third win in a row, taking home a 3-8 win against the Kirkcaldy Kestrels on Saturday.

At the end of the 1st period the Pirates were leading 3-0. The Kestrels started to claw back the difference early in the 2nd with goals by Graeme Allan and Scott Jamison hoping to turn things around but the Pirates dug deep and found the back of the net with two more goals.

The Kestrels tried to close the gap whilst on a power play at the start of the 3rd, but Kris Phillips and Marty Simpson each added a goal bringing home a comfortable win for the Pirates.

Although securing a win over North Ayrshire Wild, Dundee Comets remain in 5th place.

The experienced Dundee side were quick to kick off the scoring on Saturday with John Dolan bagging the opener just 29 seconds into the game.

Even after their first goal by Ryan Campbell, the young North Ayrshire Wild team were under the pump with the 1st period ending 5-1 to the Dundee side.

5 minutes into the 2nd the Comets increased their lead adding another goal, but even with a power play goal from North Ayrshire Wild’s Adam Kerr it wasn’t enough to turn the tide and Dundee scored again.

With a 5 goal lead going into the 3rd Dundee dominated from the start scoring again 41 seconds in. Adding a further 5 goals the Comets completed the game with the 13-3 win.




North Ayrshire Wild 3 Dundee Comets 13

Kilmarnock Thunder 5 Aberdeen Lynx 10

Dundee Tigers 2 Edinburgh Capitals 3


Kirkcaldy Kestrels 3 Paisley Pirates 8