Weekend Preview for Scottish Ice Hockey

As the Scottish ice hockey season edges closer to its climax, anticipation is high for the upcoming weekend’s slate of games, featuring a combination of SNL fixtures and the final showdown in the Northern League. With the end of the season looming, teams are eager to secure vital points that could make all the difference in their final league standings.

Aberdeen Lynx vs Kilmarnock Thunder: The league leaders, Lynx, embark on a journey to Kilmarnock to take on Thunder in what promises to be a hard fought game. With Lynx holding a commanding 10-point lead over Thunder, they enter the game as favorites. However, Thunder’s recent victory over Dundee Tigers has injected them with confidence, and they will be determined to upset Lynx’s winning streak. Despite Lynx’s dominance in their last six games, Thunder has proven to be a formidable opponent, with each team claiming a victory in their two previous encounters. As Lynx seeks to maintain their lead at the top of the table, Thunder will be eager to close the gap and assert their presence in the title race.

Picture by Mark A Brown

Dundee Comets vs. Edinburgh Capitals: Dundee Comets make the trip to Murrayfield to take on the Edinburgh Capitals in a highly anticipated matchup. With Capitals sitting in second place and Comets trailing closely behind in third, this game carries significant implications for both teams. Comets, buoyed by their recent victory over Capitals, will be looking to secure another crucial win to narrow the gap in the standings. Meanwhile, Capitals are determined to defend their position and stay within striking distance of the league leaders, Lynx. Expect a fiercely contested battle as both teams leave it all on the ice in pursuit of victory.

North Ayrshire Wild vs. Kirkcaldy Kestrels: Kestrels, currently occupying fourth place, find themselves in a tight race for position after being overtaken by Comets last weekend. With only two points separating them, every point becomes crucial as Kestrels aim to reclaim lost ground. On the other hand, Wild will be eager to play spoiler and disrupt Kestrels‘ aspirations, making this an intriguing matchup.

Pirates Pirates vs. Dundee Tigers: The Pirates travel north to Dundee to take on Tigers in a crucial double points game. With just four points separating the two teams in the standings, this matchup holds immense significance for both sides. A win for Pirates would draw them level with Tigers on points, while a victory for Tigers could propel them up the table and into contention for a higher playoff seed. In their previous league encounter, Pirates emerged victorious with a 4-2 win, but Tigers will be eager to exact revenge and solidify their position in the standings.

Scottish National League (SNL)


Kirkcaldy Kestrels vs. Kilmarnock Thunder: The Northern League concludes with Kirkcaldy Kestrels facing off against Kilmarnock Thunder in a matchup filled with redemption and determination. While Edinburgh Capitals have already secured the league title, both Kestrels and Thunder will be motivated to end their season on a high note. In their previous meeting, Kestrels emerged victorious, and Thunder will be seeking redemption and aiming to finish their campaign with a positive result.

Northern League


With each game carrying immense significance with the end of the season in sight, fans can expect a weekend filled with intense competition, dramatic moments, and unforgettable memories as teams battle it out on the ice.