Schedule confirmed for semi-finals of NIHL North Cup

The National League Management Group (NLMG) has confirmed the schedule for the NIHL North Cup semi-finals.

Following the round robin games, the four qualifiers are Solway Sharks, Whitley Warriors, Billingham Stars and Murrayfield Racers.

The two-leg semi-finals will take place over the weekend of 18/19th January.

FIRST LEG – Saturday, 18th January

Billingham Stars v Whitley Warriors (6.00pm)
Solway Sharks v Murrayfield Racers (7.00pm)

SECOND LEG – Sunday, 19th January

Whitley Warriors v Billingham Stars (5.00pm)
Murrayfield Racers v Solway Sharks (6.00pm)

If aggregate scores are tied after 60 minutes of the second leg, overtime and penalty shots will be played as per normal NIHL rules.

The NIHL North Cup Final will also be played over two legs on the weekend of 15/16th February.

(Image permission: Ian Coyle)