SIH receives revised guidance regarding COVID-19

SIHA Scottish Ice Hockey

Scottish Ice Hockey has received more changes to COVID-19 guidelines and a new approach to a potential return to action for the sport in Scotland.

These guidelines must be observed alongside the existing advice on hand sanitising, temperature testing and the keeping of test and protect information for every session.

sportscotland has been working with the Scottish Government to enable sports to operate safely within the new tiered system which was announced last week.

SIH has been in talks to get clarification on how we try and open up the sport a little under the new guidelines and adhering to the important travel guidance.

Teams (all ages) should, where possible, compete and train locally and in line with the guidance outlined in the table below. They should not travel in or out of Level 3 or 4 areas to compete or train.

Where a participant is under 18 years of age they may travel/be driven to play for their team if it is located in a higher or lower level area.

Operators should risk assess all activity and it is strongly recommended that where at all possible training and competition should take place locally.

The table below explains what type of on-ice activities are allowed at both U18 and adult levels at each of the tiers throughout Scotland.

There has been a change in classifications, with children formerly described as U12 now amended to children and young people to age 18.

For any teams who may need to train outside their local area and tier level, please contact the SIH COVID-19 Officer for additional information.