Unification hopes dashed as EIHA special resolution fails to reach target

SIHA Scottish Ice Hockey

David Hand says he is ‘disappointed’ with the outcome of the English Ice Hockey Association’s vote on unification for the governance of the sport in the United Kingdom.

EIHA members were asked to vote on a special resolution to establish a new single governing body, with a 75% majority needed for this to pass.

The final result saw just 61% voting in favour of the resolution, dashing the hopes of those who viewed unifying as vital for the future of UK ice hockey.

“We’re obviously disappointed with the result, particularly as Scottish Ice Hockey members had been waiting eight years for this to come to fruition,” the SIH chairman said.

“We now need to digest this decision and will be liaising with our members and Ice Hockey UK in the coming days to determine how we will move forward.

“We will strive to move on from this and establish something that will be in the best interests of everyone under the SIH banner.”