Chairman says ‘thanks’ to the team behind SIH webinars

Over the past few months, Scottish Ice Hockey’s National Coaching team have run a series of webinars to keep people engaged with ice hockey.

Steven Lynch, Barry Carnegie and Martyn King have been the driving force behind the sessions, which have featured a wide range of special guests.

The webinars have been split between coach education, online fitness and an interactive ‘Friday Night Live’ session, all of which have proved to be hugely popular.

Total attendances for the sessions have run well into four figures, highlighting how much the people connected to SIH have bought into them.

While there is likely to be a reduction in the number of future webinars as we return to action, it is anticipated that they will be incorporated into the coaching structure in the future.

SIH chairman, David Hand, believes that webinars will have played an integral role in keeping people interested in the sport.

“Steven, Barry and Martyn have gone way beyond the call of duty over the past few months by organising these excellent webinars,” he said.

“They deserve massive thanks for their efforts, and it has been great to see so many people in the SIH community invest their time into the sessions they have hosted.

“I’m also grateful to all the special guests who have taken part in the sessions and helped with the development of Scottish Ice Hockey.

“We’re now really looking forward to seeing people implementing what they have picked up from the webinars as we return to the ice over the next few weeks.”