Murrayfield Racers’ cup success a huge boost for the Scottish National League

David Hand says that Murrayfield Racers’ success in the NIHL North Cup proves that the Scottish National League is improving.

The Racers defeated Whitley Warriors 7-6 on aggregate over the weekend to clinch the trophy after two action-packed matches at Murrayfield Ice Rink and Hillheads.

Callum Boyd’s overtime goal secured victory for the Racers against a team who have been sweeping all before them in Moralee D1.

With the Racers beating Solway Sharks to reach the final, the SIH chairman believes their success demonstrates how much the league has progressed.

“The Racers were written off by many people before the game, but have produced two great performances to turn over a top team,” he said.

“Overcoming a team like Whitley is never easy, but the Racers have achieved the feat and deservedly so.

“With the Sharks joining the SNL line-up last summer they’ve not had things all their own way this season, although that challenge has obviously helped them.

“The improvements being made by the likes of Dundee Tigers and other teams shows that the SNL is getting stronger, something that can only benefit our game moving forward.

“Well done to the Racers on flying the flag for Scotland and congratulations also to Solway on winning the SNL. It’s undoubtedly been a great weekend.”

(Image permission: Ian Coyle)