Scottish Ice Hockey chairman to step down at the next AGM

David Hand has confirmed that he will step down as the chairman of Scottish Ice Hockey (SIH) at the next Annual General Meeting.

The past 20 months have been extremely challenging, with the coronavirus pandemic forcing SIH to shelve its operations.

After finally receiving clarity regarding the unification of the governance structure in the United Kingdom last December, it was hoped that SIH could collectively move forward for the betterment of the sport.

However, the transition to becoming a standalone National Governing Body has not gone smoothly, with some clubs placing unnecessary barriers in the way of progress.

Having worked hard to improve ice hockey in Scotland, the current chairman says he has been left with no other option than to step aside from the role.

“All I’ve ever wanted was what is best for SIH, but the fun has been completely taken out of the sport,” he said.

“I’ve helped many clubs during my time as chairman, but I feel let down by some of them and by certain people who I’d classed as friends.

“Much of what has happened behind the scenes has had nothing to do with ice hockey – it’s been entirely personal.

“When things start impacting your personal life, family and mental health, it’s time to go.”

The remaining members of the board wish to thank David for his tireless efforts in overseeing SIH during his time as chairman.

SIH will make an announcement over the coming weeks regarding the process to appoint a new chair.