SIH agree new cross-border player partnership with EIHA

Scottish Ice Hockey and the English Ice Hockey Association have agreed a new partnership to enable cross-border development of players across its leagues.

It is an equal partnership for the mutual benefit of all players registered under either organisation.

The overarching aim of the partnership is to enable players under the age of 19 and all female players irrespective of age, to be registered, train and play with both SIH and EIHA teams.

Jim Paterson will be the designated lead member of staff to work on the partnership for SIH, while Matt Lloyd will oversee the EIHA side of things.

The initial timeframe for partnership activities will be two years, commencing season 2021/2022.

Activities will be reviewed between May and July to ensure they are being delivered as agreed, and are having the intended impact.

Please click here to view the partnership agreement in full.