Scottish National Head Coaching team issues invite to ‘Friday Night Live’

Scotland’s National Head Coaching team has issued an invite to SIH players of all ages, coaches, managers, officials and off-ice officials to ‘Friday Night Live’ – an online webinar session on Friday, 29th January (8.00 pm).

The team will be joined by Harry Mahood of Northwestern Hockey Camp Canada, who previously worked with SIH during the last lockdown providing webinars for coaches and hockey specific fitness videos for our junior players to help keep them active.

Mahood will be delivering a live webinar, where the focus will be on motivation and how we can move forward during our second lay-off from the game we love.

The session will address what everyone involved in SIH can do to keep thinking about hockey and staying active while we prepare for our return to the ice.

The National Head Coaching team will provide information about their ongoing plans during this difficult time and there will also be an opportunity for a brief question and answer session.

The meeting will be hosted by Steven Lynch, Barry Carnegie and newly-appointed member of the team, Martyn King.

He has been unofficially working with the pair over the past nine months, providing valuable support, insight and opinion during that time.

Carnegie said: “I’ve enjoyed working with Martyn over the last few months.

“His passion for the game and for SIH is clear to see and the work he has done with Lanarkshire Lightning in a short space of time is admirable.

“I look forward to working with him more of the coming weeks, months and years.”

Both Lynch and Carnegie have been eager to add another person to the team over the past couple of years as they strive to improve the sport in Scotland. Lynch says that he is delighted that King has agreed to come on board in a formal capacity.

“Martyn will play an important part in the development of players and coaches in Scotland going forward,” he said.

“As far as we’re concerned, he’s been a part of the SIH coaching program for some time now and it was time we made it official to give him the recognition for the work he has already put in.”

King added: “I look forward to the opportunity of working with SIH. I’ve enjoyed the time I have spent already working with Steven and Barry and hope I can help drive the program forward.

“Our first step as a team is to look to find ways to keep everyone active and involved in the game during these unprecedented times we are in and already have some ideas that will be rolled out through SIH media platforms over the coming days and weeks.”

SIH hopes to see as many members as possible in attendance on Friday at 8.00pm. Please click here to join the webinar.