Growth Mindset expert booked for next development webinar

The SIH National Coaching Team are delighted to announce that Jamie McBrearty will be hosting a live meeting via Zoom on Saturday, 13th February (10.00 am) to discuss Growth Mindset.

McBrearty has worked with SIH coaches and national teams for the last three years and has over 20 years’ experience within education, business and sport as a manager, leader and coach.

He has also trained business leaders, teachers, nursery staff, coaches, volunteers, parents, leadership teams, sports clubs and athletes at all levels, not only on the theory of Mindset but implementing a range of tools, techniques and resources to support this.

He holds an MBA in Sports Development, is a Success Coach with the Proctor and Gallagher Institute, and his extensive sports development and educational background creates a unique perspective on his philosophy and coaching style.

Along with being a keen runner, he also coaches the Under 15s squad at Dundee Football Club.

“Growth Mindset is the belief that your abilities and talents can improve,” said McBrearty.

“This belief increases task persistence, allows you to embrace challenge, setbacks and failure, whilst also allowing any individual to become an effective learner in any setting, towards unleashing potential.

The SIH coaching team are grateful to Jamie for giving up his time to speak to all players, coaches and parents within Scottish Ice Hockey about a very important subject as they strive to keep the sport alive during the lockdown.

To join the session, please click here (Meeting ID: 848 2097 9724, Passcode: 261526).